Confidence Down, But Not Out On Continued Success of Small Business Finance, Survey Reveals

executives in the small business lending and merchant cash advance space showed a decline in confidence in the industry’s continued success, down from 91.7% in Q1 to 78.5% in Q2. Respondents were not asked to explain the reasons behind their confidence levels, but increased competition is likely one contributing factor. No doubt some of the […]

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Lending Club Hires BlackRock’s Patrick Dunne to Head Investor Group

Lending Club has a new chief capital officer. The company hired Patrick Dunne who headed iShares Global Markets and Investments at BlackRock. With 25 years of industry experience, Dunne has overseen 700 investment products with over $1 trillion assets under management. As the resurging online lender looks to amend investor relations, as the new chief […]

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The Fed’s Analysis of Online Lender Satisfaction is Bogus

A strange statistic about borrowers and their supposed overwhelming dissatisfaction with online lenders is circulating where it shouldn’t be. Only 15% of small business borrowers were satisfied with the loan they were approved for by an online lender, according to a Federal Reserve study published back in March. That’s actually not even what the study […]

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OnDeck Sets Q2 Earnings Date And…

OnDeck has one thing going for it when it releases its Q2 earnings on August 8th, the fact that the market seems to be anticipating bad news at every turn for the marketplace lending industry right now. A large drop in Q2 origination volume, if that is in fact what they report, would probably just […]

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Russian Startup Blackmoon Wants to Play Middleman in Marketplace Lending

Russian startup Blackmoon, that screens other company’s loans before selling them to investors, has launched in the US, drawn to the lure of its $1 trillion addressable market. Blackmoon aims to reach a billion dollar in loans by the end of 2017 and is targeting business, consumer, student and car loans. The company provides ‘marketplace […]

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CrunchBase Spotlight: Data hints at down rounds, but not wipeout, for marketplace lending

We’ve heard a lot about troubles in the marketplace lending space over the last couple months. LendingClub, the industry bellwether, ousted its founder-CEO and revealed it is under federal investigation. Its stock has plummeted, contributing to a steep fall for shares of small business lender OnDeck. Add in layoffs at P2P rivals Prosper and Avant, […]

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Fundry Secures $75 Million Credit Line, Confirming That This Niche Is Still Hot

Fundry has secured a new $75 million credit line, according to the company’s CEO Isaac Stern. The transaction was facilitated by Brean Capital and Pi Capital. Fundry is commonly known by one of their subsidiary companies, Yellowstone Capital. According to a document obtained by deBanked, the company did more than $40 million in deals last […]

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