Russian Startup Blackmoon Wants to Play Middleman in Marketplace Lending

Russian startup Blackmoon, that screens other company’s loans before selling them to investors, has launched in the US, drawn to the lure of its $1 trillion addressable market. Blackmoon aims to reach a billion dollar in loans by the end of 2017 and is targeting business, consumer, student and car loans. The company provides ‘marketplace […]

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CrunchBase Spotlight: Data hints at down rounds, but not wipeout, for marketplace lending

We’ve heard a lot about troubles in the marketplace lending space over the last couple months. LendingClub, the industry bellwether, ousted its founder-CEO and revealed it is under federal investigation. Its stock has plummeted, contributing to a steep fall for shares of small business lender OnDeck. Add in layoffs at P2P rivals Prosper and Avant, […]

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